I really like this answer to the post I just made.

I wrote, Why is it that sometimes the people you love the most make you feel the worst?

and this person responded, Because you hold them so high sometimes, that it’s a far drop down when they let go.

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The Doll Test


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chirpychirpy asked: To the person who anonymously messaged you: absolutely how dare you. Sommer's life is obviously no business of yours because your intentions have no hint of positivity or growth, only negativity and pointless harshness. I don't even know who you are and I'm disgusted with you. Unfortunately your behavior places you a lot higher on the piece of shit scale and you've definitely got some issues too so sit your ass down and contemplate yourself instead of injecting stupid condescending remarks.

Thank you

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Good Vibes HERE

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Anonymous asked: I use to think so highly of you. You're all Birmingham can talk about. You're a piece of shit but you already know that with how short your wedding invites are I'm sure. You moving away can't come quick enough.

Lucky for you you only have to wait two more months

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